Innovetive Pet care

29 accounts and counting, Who Are Increasing their Business Through Google Ads


Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customized Paid Ads Strategy

Innovetive Petcare, a vet broker, works with other vet practices to either partner with, or buy over, their practices. They own 90+ businesses, with 29 of them participating in our Google Ads Marketing service.

Bellini Marketing was hired out to help optimize and maintain all 29 accounts, with more and more being added everyday.

Services Offered

We created a unique strategy for Innovetive Pet Care's accounts, implementing Google Search and Performance Max Campaigns, and optimized the keyword bidding strategy so each ad group was targeting a provided service.

We executed our strategy on Google Ads, making sure to align copy with keywords, and test different variations of copy to see which resonated better with our customers

Google Tag Manager
We executed Google Tag Manager across the website and Google Ads conversions, to be able to accurately track all conversions and consumer paths.

Companies wins at a glance

Our Results

With Bellini Marketing, Innovetive Pet Care’s 29 practices were able to grow and expand. New strategies implemented, along with implementing new Google Ads offerings, ended up increasing conversions by 70%, and increasing click through rates by 20%.

percent increase in conversions
percent increase in click through rate

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